About the Research Group

Our research group is part of the Mathematical, Computational and Experimental Neuroscience (MCEN) area at BCAM – Basque Center for Applied Mathematics. Our group is dedicated to explore the adaptive properties of biological and artificial systems through an interdisciplinary approach that integrates statistical mechanics, information theory, machine learning, and nonlinear dynamics. We focus on understanding the intricate interactions between intelligent agents and their environments, emphasizing the study of neural systems as open, nonequilibrium systems. By employing methods from nonequilibrium physics. Our main research goals include: 1) investigating the statistical physics of neural networks and other complex adaptive systems to uncover the principles that govern their behavior and organization, and 2) studying the relation between nonequilibrium thermodynamics, information theory, and the emergence of agency and autonomous behaviour in both living and artificial systems. Through these efforts, we aim to tackle unresolved questions and theoretical challenges in neuroscience, theoretical biology and artificial intelligence, while contributing to broader perspectives on the fundamental nature of life, cognition, and agency.